This is the about page for the OptiFine documentation.

Is this official?#

No. This documentation itself is not official, but the source of most of it was created by sp614x and can be found at the GitHub.

The ReadTheDocs documentation is maintained by WhoAteMyButter, and sp614x does not edit it directly; hosted documentation is updated to the GitHub documentation later.

Is this legitimate?#

Yes. The original documentation here can be found at the GitHub.

This project aims to make the source human-readable while also expanding on it with better explanations, details, examples, and more.

When was this made?#

You can check the changelog for the initial release date and any further patches.

I found a bug!#

Ask on the OptiFine Discord, post a link to the erroneous page, and ping WhoAteMyButter.

🆚ī¸ This documentation assumes the latest OptiFine version. Notes are not made for legacy versions (1.8).
🔙ī¸ This documentation is updated to commit 8410499f.
Šī¸ This file is offered without any copyright restrictions. Please copy and modify it to suit your needs. Credit is optional, but appreciated.