Easter Eggs


Steve with a witch hat 🎃

There are easter eggs on both the OptiFine website and in the OptiFine client. Some are only visible at certain dates, while others are still visible.


The OptiFine website returns standard HTTP headers.

In addition to the normal headers, the website also returns: x-clacks-overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett. X-Clacks-Overhead is an unofficial HTTP header to memorialize Terry Pratchett.


The header, shown in Firefox.

sp614x's birthday

On the main menu, the splash message will say "Happy birthday, sp614x!" if the current computer date is August 14.



Custom Player Models


Please see Custom Player Models for more detail.

Custom Player Models is a feature that can change or add to the player model.

CPMs are like Capes, in that they are loaded on join and can be associated with a specific player.


Available CPMs can be chosen under the Cape Change menu.

Santa Hat

Texture file

Texture resolution

Model file

Dates applied (YYYY/MM/DD)


96 x 26


2020/12/25 - 2020/12/31

On December 25th, 2020, a Santa hat was added to all donators' heads. It was available until the end of year.

The same name (hat_santa) was reused for the Witch Hat, but the model and texture are different.


How the santa hat looks on a player

Witch Hat

Texture file

Texture resolution

Model file

Dates applied (YYYY/MM/DD)



96px x 26px


2021/10/30 - 2021/11/07
2023/10/30 - 2023/11/08

64px x 64px


Actual witch's hat, unused.


How the hat looks on a player.

The witch hat is a gray hat applied to all donators automatically.

Its name is actually reused from hat_santa (Santa Hat). The original Witch's Hat has an unknown use, but it is applied to sp614x.

It was first applied on October 30, 2021, and lasted until November 7, 2021; ~1 week.


Some special capes or event-related capes may be given to specific people or at specific times.

"10" Cape

See Anniversary capes.

Secret project capes

See Unknown project capes.

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Last update: 2024 January 31