Emissive Textures#

Emissive Textures add a second texture on top of another, which will render with no darkness. They do not change the lighting around them.




Emissive diamond ore#


This does not affect actual lighting, just the pixel’s brightness

It is possible to add overlays to block textures, which will always rendered with full brightness. This can simulate light emitting parts of the textures.


An example of emissive ores in a dark water cave.#


Button and tooltip for the option, found in Video Settings ➔ Quality#

The emissive overlays have the same name as the base texture + custom suffix. For example:

  • bedrock.png: base texture

  • bedrock_e.png: emissive overlay

The emissive overlays are rendered in the same block layer as the base texture, except overlays for textures from layer SOLID, which are rendered as CUTOUT_MIPPED. The overlays can also be used for items, mobs and block entities.




Values: String
Required: ❌ No
Default: _e

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