Install With Forge


This tutorial does not explain how to install Forge.

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge for the version you want

  2. Follow the instructions at Downloading.

  3. Open your Downloads folder in a file manager.

  4. From here on, process depends on your OS:


These steps are for the Vanilla Launcher. For MultiMC, find the mods folder for your specific Forge instance.

  1. Press Windows+R, and inside of the Run window, type %AppData%\.minecraft\.

  1. Open the Spotlight search by either:
    Clicking the Spotlight icon in the menu bar.
    Pressing Command+Space.
  2. In the Spotlight window, type ~/library/Application Support/minecraft/.

  1. Open a file manager.

  2. Change the path to ~/.minecraft/.

  1. If there is no "mods" folder in .minecraft, create one (all lowercase; case-sensitive).

  2. Drag the OptiFine jar from the Downloads folder into the "mods" folder.

  3. Launch the game with Forge.


If you are intending to use OptiFine with Forge, ensure that OptiFine version is compatible with your Forge version.


Ensure this version is at least your Forge version!

Assumes the latest OptiFine version.
Updated to commit dc7b4aca.

Last update: 2024 March 13